Sunflower Maze: Tayug Pangasinan

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This stunning land architecture is located in Eastern Pangasinan, the Municipality of Tayug. For about two months each year, this place in Northern Luzon bursts into color – yellows and greens sprout up along the rich farms of the province.

I went here early 2017, just in time when the garden is a hot pick for weekend travellers. Since I’m a sucker for sunflowers, I was very excited to check out the farm.

Amazingly, its not just the sunflowers. There are tons of flowers blooming in here.

The farm is owned by a company called Allied Botanical Corporation. According to their registration staff, the farm accommodates atleast 1,500 visitors a day. Early 2017, ABC spearheaded the A-Maze-ing Sunflower demonstration in Barangay C. Lichauco, Tayug, Pangasinan.

There are other crops here like squash, eggplants, watermelons, tomatoes, and even ornamental plants. Visitors can buy fresh veggies and seeds from the farmers 😉

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Part 2: Hacks and tips

For a Philippine passport holder who loves to wander outside the home country, securing a tourist visa has become one of my main struggles.

Did you know that Filipino passport holder can enter 67 countries VISA FREE? YES! you heard it right. 👍

Though this sounds good, many Filipino still struggle as it’s not as powerful as other countries’ passports like that of Singapore & Germany (top 1), Denmark (top 2), Sweden (top 3), Finland (top 4), Luxembourg (top 5). Most of the popular destinations like Japan, Europe, and the USA are NOT visa-free for a Philippine passport holder.

The full list of Global Passport Holder Power Rank 2018 can be found in this link -> Full list of Global Passport Holder Power Rank 2018

However, let’s not get discouraged by this and let’s just let our love for traveling outweighs this disadvantage.
So here’s my advise.
  1.  If you’re a Philippine passport holder and it’s your first time to get a tourist visa, I suggest choosing Japan as your first visa-requiring country. Japan actually relaxed their visa requirements for Philippine nationals.  Link here -> Relaxation of Visa Requirements for Nationals of the Republic of the Philippines
  2. If you’re a Philippine passport holder and you don’t have sufficient amount in your bank account I suggest you do it like this.
    Sufficient means you can fully support yourself financially in Japan while you are there.

I was advised by the agency that the formula is something like this ( PHP 10,000.00 X no. of days of stay)

Option 1: Payroll account
  • The safest one if you are employed is to use your payroll account. Why? Because in the bank statement, the payroll records will likely leave the embassy’s approving officer a strong impression that you have stable and regular earnings. If you plan to withdraw from your payroll account that’s okay as long as upon requesting for Bank Certificate & Bank Statement your account will still have sufficient amount of money for your travel plan in Japan.

Option 2: Personal savings account

  • I know some people who prefer to transfer their paychecks in their personal account thus they always leave their payroll account empty. In this case, it is, of course, suitable to request a Bank Certificate & Bank Statement for a personal savings account. There is no problem with that as long as there are deposit transactions for the last 3 months.
  • It’s also possible that there are no deposit transactions for the last 3 months but make sure that your savings account balance is sufficient enough to support your travel in Japan.

I did this, I requested a bank statement & bank certificate using my personal savings account. It doesn’t have deposit transactions for the last 3 months but it has sufficient amount to finance my travel in Japan.

Lo and behold after submitting my requirements to the travel agency on a Monday morning, it got approved on the next day, Tuesday. 

NEVER ever do the trick that others are doing as there is a higher chance that your visa application will just be DENIED. 

Some people, who don’t have enough savings, just borrow money from other people like family and friends. They then transfer it into their savings account. Though this could be a good trick, as Bank Certificate only indicates ending balance of a savings account, do note that in your Bank statement the transactions for the last 3 months are recorded and the embassy will take a close look at it. If the embassy doubts your financial capability they will do more background checks, like calling your company and bank to verify the pieces of information that you have submitted.  If they deemed that you can’t financially support yourself while in Japan, of course, you will end-up of getting DENIED of a VISA.

However, if the situation can’t be avoided I suggest you do it like this. If for example you are aiming for PHP 90,000.00 ending balance and you currently have 40,000.00 in your savings account.
Transfer the PHP 50,000.00 partially into your savings account. Do the transfer 3 months or 2 months prior.
Jan. = 20,000.00
Feb. = 20,000.00
Mar. = 10,000.00

Refrain from transferring online (transfer to anyone) since again this will be reflected in the bank statement. It is better if you deposit the money directly in the bank so the transaction record will just be a deposit and no record of other people’s name.

architectural architecture beautiful bloom

So that’s it , I hope I was able to help you in preparing for your VISA application.

If this was helpful, please hit like and follow me for more travel tips and advises. You can also leave a question in the comment section below if you have any. 🙂



Part 1 (Requirements)

Dreaming of visiting Japan but you’re confused where to start planning? Well, nothing to worry fellas as today I will be telling you on how I got my Japan Visa approved in just 2 days after submitting the requirements. 😉

So first thing first fellas! Know what type of visa you’ll need to apply for. For tourism purposes, it will 1-B Tourist.

NOTE: DO NOT used Friction Erasable Pen in Visa Application Form and in all documents.

Make sure all documents are legally obtained and DO NOT SUBMIT FALSIFIED DOCUMENTS.

Early bonus! You can download the visa application form through this link👉APPLICATION FORM and sample itinerary template in this link Schedule of Stay DOC

I will not only be listing all the requirements but to lessen your anxieties, I will also be adding some important reminders so make sure you take a note of it. Sounds good right?

Okay let’s start.


• Passports must be signed and must have at least two(2) blank visa pages.

2. VISA APPLICATION FORM (refer to my link above 👆)

• Application Form Size: A-4 size(21.0×29.7cm)

• Application form should be filled out all items correctly.

• If items is not applicable, please fill in [N/A].


• Specs: 4.5×4.5cm, with white background.

• Photo must be taken within 6 months.

Note: You need to write applicant’s name and birthday on back side of the photo and paste on the application form. But in my case I let the agency do it for me as Im not sure that time if I’ll do it 😅


• It must be issued within one year from PSA Main Office.


• It must be issued within one year from PSA Main Office.

NOTE: You are exempted from submitting (4) and (5) indicated above if you can submit old/valid passports with used Japan visa.

6. DAILY SCHEDULE IN JAPAN (aka Itinerary) (refer to my link above 👆)


• Validity of Bank Certificate is three (3) months from the date of issue.


• (Form 2316) clear photocopy(latest).

NOTE: If applicant is business owner and submits the ITR without applicant’s name, attach the copy of Business Permit from city hall.

If applicant will have a guarantor here are the additional requirements




That’s all the requirements you’ll need to prepare and you are good to go.

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